Reverse Phone Lookup to Help You Trace Different Phone Numbers

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Latest Comments

July 5 7:02 am
Its from the states some college

August 26 11:34 am
I heard breathing and then they hung up.

July 11 5:20 am
two calls 2 hours apart, texas

August 17 7:02 am
So this number called and screamed HELLO CAN I SPEAK TO.. and before they could finish I interrupted yelling back at them HELLO.HELLO...they promptly hung up on me, and I can tell you if they call again, I will either hang up or play with them making them think Im interested if I have time to.

August 14 7:08 pm
crazy guy wont stop texting or calling me. ladies beware!

July 3 3:40 pm
Caller ID says Arlanza Family Ctr they never leave a message and I never pick up they have used other numbers too

August 12 1:08 pm
I got a call from this number. An autobot claimed that this was a "public service announcement" and proceeded to inform me that I "may be paying too much for car insurance". I hung up at that point.

July 12 9:04 pm
Traced the owner of this number to Dash Carrier Services. I have asked them to stop calls from other bogus numbers they use in Maine, but all they do is have me fill out a form, which came back with error message, and then they switch numbers. I have called Dash Carrier in Denver several times, but they keep telling me to deal with it myself. Have filed complaint with BBB, and some other authorities who deal with issues such as this. Am filing Cease and Desist complaint to their HQ in Denver. They are owned by Bandwidth now, but have DCS name. Dash Carrier Services, 1855 Blake St. Suite 101, Denver CO 80202 303-228-8800. Everytime I get a call til this is resolved, I am going to call them to repay the "favor".

August 16 3:40 pm
Im going crazy as well, I get about 10 calls a day from 000-000-0. I called AT&T and they tell me they cant block it. I stopped answering hoping this would be effective and they will go away. I just want it to stop. If you can find out how to stop..please let me know.

July 18 11:32 am
hmm well it seems each person has a different encounter

August 6 10:08 pm
They call me everyday while I am at work and never leave any voicemails

August 8 8:13 pm
Caller ID says MedicAlert, and I do have a MedicAlert pendant.  I've been receiving a phone call from this number every day for several days.  I finally decided to call back today.  Even though I dialed the 206-669-4490 number (California area code), the woman who answered said that I reached the Hillsborough County, Florida School Board, and that I had reached a completely different number with an 813 area code (Florida) number.  Apparently the number that shows on caller id is forwarding incoming calls elsewhere.

July 4 3:38 pm
No need to be an [***]. Surprised you even donated? Seriously, you sound like an idiot. There are other ways to help people.

July 27 3:28 pm
Unsolicited advertiser 4 search engine marketing

July 28 6:06 pm
this is happening to me as well, how do i stop it?

August 21 4:00 am
they have called me twice, and I have no idea who they are or what they want. I wish they could at least give some information about what they want.

July 19 1:28 am
I got the same postcard. A little scary...

August 27 2:21 am
we used to have a nice little company then they got there hands in us and put us out of business

July 12 9:35 pm
The person asked for my husband by his legal name (not what he goes by). When I said he wasn't there the man launched in to a pornographic, homosexual, fake description of time spent with my husband. I have filed a police report.

August 16 8:47 am
Fund raising, scam, block the number.